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(Hi folks, I'm an Indian and I have predicted India to meet Sri Lanka in the Finals of the World Cup 2011. The content below is an optimistic Indian's view)

The ICC World Cup 2011 has seen many exciting encounters involving India, but Sri Lanka have won all their contests hands down except their match against New Zealand in the first semi finals. Everybody, including Indian cricket lovers are of the view that Sri Lanka have better chances than India to win the Final match of the ICC World Cup 2011. But there are a few portions where the Sri Lankas are still lacking. Lets jump on to some quick comparison with both the strength and lacking points of Sri Lanka and India.
India Vs Sri Lanka Finals 2011 World Cup - Pitch favors:
Both the teams have played enough amount of games in the past in the sub continent pitches. The hot and humid climatic conditions will also not hinder the performance too much as the Asian cricket playing sides are always used to it. The World Cup Finals between Indian and Sri Lanka has been scheduled in Mumbai which is an added advantage for India. Sri Lanka were accused by New Zealand skipper Daniel Vettori for playing in Colombo without changing the behavior of the pitch.

But that will not be the case in Navi Mumbai as the pitch has been changed for the World final match. So it will be the quick learners of the pitch who can make the most out of it during the final match. So the pitch favoring is not a factor to be taken in to much consideration.
India Vs Sri Lanka Finals 2011 World Cup – Experience matters:
India and Sri Lanka once again stand balanced in the number of fresh players and experienced biggies. The World Cup Finals will definitely have the same pressure on young players and experienced fellows since the experienced are always expected to deliver and freshers should struggle hard to prove themselves. But the main thing that matters is maintaining a cool head during pressure situations which is readily available with the experienced players.
India Vs Sri Lanka Finals 2011 World Cup – Batting Strengths:
India is definitely a better batting side when compared to Sri Lanka. When written on paper both the sides have genuine batsmen till number 6 but the Sri Lankan middle order have not opened up well in the required situations. Mainly the Sri Lankan top order have carried all the burden on the shoulders making their middle order a bit lazy.

The Sir Lankan openers Dilshan, Tharanga, Sangakkarra and Jayawardane are as good as the opening four o India which includes Sachin, Gambhir, Shewag, Kholi. Yuvraj, Raina and Dhoni are the three who make the difference in the batting line up. Yuvraj and Raina have proved themselves already, but Chamara Silva, Mathews and others are still to open up.

So the in form Indian batting department is the key advantage for the Indian team.
India Vs Sri Lanka Finals 2011 World Cup – Bowling Strengths:
Every Indian would accept the fact that India are lacking with their bowling skills. So far India has made up to this level under the lights of Zaheer Khan, Harbhajan Singh, Ashwin and part timer Yuvraj Singh. Munaf Patel when compared to Sreesanth and Nehar is doing a fair job.

On the Sri Lankan side front line spinners Muralitharan and Ajantha Mendis are in prime form. They are completing the middle overs quickly besides taking wickets in regular intervals. Their economy level has been consistent throughout the World Cup 2011 series. Part timer Dilshan is also handy for Sangakkara to rush through the middle overs. Last but not least the colored head Lasith Malinga is the deadliest arrow of Sri Lanka.
Lasith Malinga can be too hard to handle during the end overs. His in-swinging yorkers have tasted timbers many time and has got no answers from some of the greatest hitters of the cricket ball. His rhythm and confidence is fine tuned more and more as the day progresses. Lasith Malinga is the key man to watch out for. Moreover Angelo Mathews can have a fair bit of purchase in pacy tracks and have go at the Indian bowlers during his batting chances too.

India Vs Sri Lanka Finals 2011 World Cup – Fielding strengths:
India, in the recent past have grown up as a good fielding side in which they were lacking for decades. The picks of the Indian fielders are Suresh Raina, Virat Kohli, Yuraj Singh and among the seniors its undoubtedly Harabhajan Singh and Sachin Tendulkar.

Sri Lanka have not been a great fielding side in the ICC World Cup 2011 series. Especially Angelo Matthews, Chamara Silva have dropped a few sitters in the field against England. Tillakaratne Dilshan, Muralitharan and skipper Sangakkara are doing their best in the field for Sri Lanka.

India Vs Sri Lanka Finals 2011 World Cup – The Keeper's Cup:
Being an all-Asian finals the ICC World Cup 2011 will not catch more attention from the Asian cricket lovers. Now the time has come and it is the keepers gamble which will lead their respective sides to victory. Lets hope for the 'Men in Blue' to shine bright and bring back the ICC World Cup trophy to India.

MS Dhoni Vs Kumar Sangakkara:
MS Dhoni has tasted a few success as a captain in the previous years. MS Dhoni started off with the T 20 World Cup title followed by the IPL season 3 title and Airtel Champions League Trophy for Chennai Super Kings. Sangakkara has been in good form being a a captain, but hasn't won major titles for his side. It will the clash between the keepers to lift the dream trophy this time. Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope the best for India. Jai Ho!!!!

Astrology Predictions India Vs Sri Lanka Final ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

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  • Toss Prediction:  India: 55%  of winning toss, Sri-lanka: 45% chance
  • First Batting:   India: 60% chance of batting first,   Sri-lanka: 40%
  • Match Winner:  India: 52%   Sri-lanka: 48%
Chances of Key Performances by India Players
  • Sachin Tendulkar: 65%, by virtue of his spirit no 7 he will play his life’s best cricket on the day and would be able to hit his 3rd ton in ODI’s  ICC 2011 and will shine as Sun of India forever.
  • Sehwag: 60%, his spirit no 5 stands for planet Mercury, means quick success, but he should keep strong control over his excitements during the match.
  • Gautam Gambhir: 60%, his spirit no 4 stands for Uranus, it is considered related to the Sun and India’s prime no is  1stands for   planet Sun, he must be a great helping hand in India’s victory hitting 50+ runs.His lucky day is Saturday and match day  also falls on Saturday, he may do his best. He becomes aggressive on tight bowling, should control over himself, and would help him a lot.
  • Yuvraj Singh: 80%, his prime no is 1 stands for the great  Planet  Sun, his luck is on a very high side because  of the House of the  Sun from the 21st March  to the 28th April, when the Sun enters the Vernal Equinox and is all powerful during this period.  Again he will play very important role hitting fifty plus runs and taking 2-3 wickets in bowling.
  • Zaheer Khan:  60%,his Magic no is 7 stands for lucky  planet Neptune he would be able to front lineup of Sri-lanka’s batting, he would remain as key bowling power of India, may claim 2-3 key wicket of S L team.
  • R Ashwin: 55 %, his lucky no 7 also stands for planet Neptune, he will strike at right time.
  • Harbhajan Singh:  50%, his spirit no 3 stands for strong planet Jupiter but Bhajji not succeeded in wicket taking, but putting strong check over runs and that is good works, at Mumbai,he would be able to take 2 wickets.
Chances of Key Performances by Sri-Lankans Players
  • Kumar Sangakkara: 60%, his spirit no is 4 standing for planet Uranus that means, he may create trouble in the victory path of India that could be nullified by Gambhir, who comes into same category.
  • Mahela Jayawardene: 55%, his prime no is 3 stands for Jupiter Harbhajan may take him, because he is holder of this number.
  • Dilshan :  55 % ,his magic no is 7 stands for  planet Neptune Zaheer would be able to check him by the virtue his spirit no 7.
  • Murali: 60 %, his fortune no is 3 represented by the Planet Jupiter Dhoni may hit him due planet Mars represented by his spirit no 9 Dhoni will hit hard on Murali, he may claims 3 wickets.
  • Malinga: 60% by virtue of his spirit no 3 stands for planet Jupiter Dhoni and Yuvraj, may defeat him by the blessings of Sun & Mars.
  • Kulsekhra: 50 %, by virtue of 6 stands for planet Venus has magnetic power, may claim 1-2 wickets.
  • Mendis: 50 %, by virtue of his prime no 3 stands for planet Jupiter fortunate for its object.
Overall India has a 52% and Sri-lanka a  48% chance of winning the 2011 World Cup. It will be a very close fight because both teams are guided by powerful Planets, but  lucky 7×4 & 5 of Sehwag would lead  up to victory path to India.

Stats based prediction for the World Cup final Aparna Ravichandran | 2011-03-31

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There will be one winner when India take on Sri Lanka in the World Cup final in Mumbai on April 2nd. Sri Lanka may hold the upper hand, leading India 4-2 in their encounters but they may just find this Indian side a tad different from the earlier ones who rolled over and gave up far more readily.
Their 1996 World Cup encounter where the match was awarded to the Lankans in the face of a rioting crowd at the Eden Gardens, is a thing of the past. A rampaging Sourav Ganguly avenged that defeat three years later in Taunton, when he blew the opponents away with his blitzkrieg of 183 off 158 balls. In 2003, later finalists India managed to bowl Sri Lanka out for just 109 in response to their 292, with Srinath and Nehra taking 4 wickets each and Zaheer chiming in with 2 of his own. The picture reversed four years later, when Muralitharan played the chief architect of India's destruction and dismantled them with three wickets off his spell. The last three names, Nehra, Zaheer and Muralitharan, will have crucial presences in Saturday's final.
On the Indian side, Virender Sehwag continues to play a crucial role by just being around. When he performs, he gives his side the initial momentum to capitalise on. On the other hand, when he refrains from histrionics and returns early, he switches the remaining players to rescue mode and ensures that they take the remainder of the innings very seriously indeed. If he can do to pacer Malinga what he did to Umar Gul in the semi-final, the Lankans may just have a hefty Indian total to contend with. Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh, too, have proven impossible to plan against, getting their runs off quicks when it suits them and pacing themselves to the slower bowlers when it strikes their fancy.
Similarly, for the Lankans, Upul Tharanga and Tillekeratne Dilshan have provided dream starts to the extent that their middle order is yet to be fully tested. And even if India are able to dismissing both early , they'll have to contend with skipper Kumar Sangakkara who is on the top of his game.
On a pitch which had assisted fast bowlers in the first game, Sri Lanka toppled New Zealand with spin later in the tournament. Sri Lanka will have the advantage of having played at the Wankhede earlier while this will be the first game there for the Indians in this World Cup. Kumar Sangakkara made the previous match his own and will have fond memories of the first century he scored in almost three years. With bowing skill and variety of the likes of Zaheer Khan, Harbhajan Singh, Muttiah Muralitharan, Ajantha Mendis, and Lasith Malinga bolstering the line-ups, both sides should favour sturdiness over flamboyance at every stage of the match, as they have done thus far. At the end of the day, it will come down to how India's batsmen play the Lankan bowlers.

India vs Sri Lanka Astrology Predictions for ICC World Cup 2011 Final -

My calculation says that it will be a nail biting match and India will hold on their nerves and will be victorious by a single run. Zaheer Khan will be man of the match for taking 4 wickets.
Match Prediction for the Final World Cup Match India vs Sri Lanka    
Date:2nd April 2011    
Venue:Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai    
Sitting Capacity:45000    
Pitch Prediction:Batting pitch    
Weather prediction:Bright and Sunny    
Toss winners:M.S Dhoni of India    
Batting First:India    
Bowling First:Sri Lanka    
  IndiaSri Lanka   
Runs in First batting power play:7555   
Wickets in First batting power play:21   
Runs in Second batting power play:5545   
Wickets in First batting power play:22   
Runs in bowling power play:5545   
Wickets in bowling power play:13   
Total runs:280279   
Total wickets:810   
Overs played:5049.4   
Winners:India will win by 1 run    
Man of match:Zaheer Khan

Editorial Lost, and won Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Our boys could not make it in the end but they fought like brave men and lost to a better side, which had the added advantage of playing at home before their cheering crowds. There could be many reasons and many scapegoats for our loss but it must be said that the Pakistani boys did a much better job in the World Cup than was being expected before the matches began. They defeated many stronger teams and reached the final four to lose to a better team. It was only a game of cricket but there are many bright sides to the entire mega event. The passion which the World Cup generated within the country and the way the entire nation united and rooted for their team, proved that Pakistanis could get together for a cause which inspires and motivates them. The politicians should better get a cue and start working to rally the people around a cause which the people can support with similar enthusiasm and unity of purpose.

The World Cup has ended for Pakistan but it must be said that the overall performance of the team was much better than expected and Shahid Afridi rallied his troops brilliantly to take the team to the semi-finals and fought every match to the best of their ability. This is what cricket and other games are all about. We lost to a better team and there is nothing to be ashamed about. We must welcome back our team with smiles and open hearts and encourage them to do better in the events that will come later. What has been proved by Pakistan in the mega event is that Pakistan can no longer be ignored by the cricketing world and important teams should start playing again in this great cricketing nation. The cricketers have proved that they are the best and now it is time for the politicians and the administrators to get their act together and provide a secure and conducive environment for world cricketers to come and play in Pakistan. This may be more difficult in these trying times than winning a World Cup.