Astrology Predictions India Vs Sri Lanka Final ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

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  • Toss Prediction:  India: 55%  of winning toss, Sri-lanka: 45% chance
  • First Batting:   India: 60% chance of batting first,   Sri-lanka: 40%
  • Match Winner:  India: 52%   Sri-lanka: 48%
Chances of Key Performances by India Players
  • Sachin Tendulkar: 65%, by virtue of his spirit no 7 he will play his life’s best cricket on the day and would be able to hit his 3rd ton in ODI’s  ICC 2011 and will shine as Sun of India forever.
  • Sehwag: 60%, his spirit no 5 stands for planet Mercury, means quick success, but he should keep strong control over his excitements during the match.
  • Gautam Gambhir: 60%, his spirit no 4 stands for Uranus, it is considered related to the Sun and India’s prime no is  1stands for   planet Sun, he must be a great helping hand in India’s victory hitting 50+ runs.His lucky day is Saturday and match day  also falls on Saturday, he may do his best. He becomes aggressive on tight bowling, should control over himself, and would help him a lot.
  • Yuvraj Singh: 80%, his prime no is 1 stands for the great  Planet  Sun, his luck is on a very high side because  of the House of the  Sun from the 21st March  to the 28th April, when the Sun enters the Vernal Equinox and is all powerful during this period.  Again he will play very important role hitting fifty plus runs and taking 2-3 wickets in bowling.
  • Zaheer Khan:  60%,his Magic no is 7 stands for lucky  planet Neptune he would be able to front lineup of Sri-lanka’s batting, he would remain as key bowling power of India, may claim 2-3 key wicket of S L team.
  • R Ashwin: 55 %, his lucky no 7 also stands for planet Neptune, he will strike at right time.
  • Harbhajan Singh:  50%, his spirit no 3 stands for strong planet Jupiter but Bhajji not succeeded in wicket taking, but putting strong check over runs and that is good works, at Mumbai,he would be able to take 2 wickets.
Chances of Key Performances by Sri-Lankans Players
  • Kumar Sangakkara: 60%, his spirit no is 4 standing for planet Uranus that means, he may create trouble in the victory path of India that could be nullified by Gambhir, who comes into same category.
  • Mahela Jayawardene: 55%, his prime no is 3 stands for Jupiter Harbhajan may take him, because he is holder of this number.
  • Dilshan :  55 % ,his magic no is 7 stands for  planet Neptune Zaheer would be able to check him by the virtue his spirit no 7.
  • Murali: 60 %, his fortune no is 3 represented by the Planet Jupiter Dhoni may hit him due planet Mars represented by his spirit no 9 Dhoni will hit hard on Murali, he may claims 3 wickets.
  • Malinga: 60% by virtue of his spirit no 3 stands for planet Jupiter Dhoni and Yuvraj, may defeat him by the blessings of Sun & Mars.
  • Kulsekhra: 50 %, by virtue of 6 stands for planet Venus has magnetic power, may claim 1-2 wickets.
  • Mendis: 50 %, by virtue of his prime no 3 stands for planet Jupiter fortunate for its object.
Overall India has a 52% and Sri-lanka a  48% chance of winning the 2011 World Cup. It will be a very close fight because both teams are guided by powerful Planets, but  lucky 7×4 & 5 of Sehwag would lead  up to victory path to India.

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