Editorial Lost, and won Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Our boys could not make it in the end but they fought like brave men and lost to a better side, which had the added advantage of playing at home before their cheering crowds. There could be many reasons and many scapegoats for our loss but it must be said that the Pakistani boys did a much better job in the World Cup than was being expected before the matches began. They defeated many stronger teams and reached the final four to lose to a better team. It was only a game of cricket but there are many bright sides to the entire mega event. The passion which the World Cup generated within the country and the way the entire nation united and rooted for their team, proved that Pakistanis could get together for a cause which inspires and motivates them. The politicians should better get a cue and start working to rally the people around a cause which the people can support with similar enthusiasm and unity of purpose.

The World Cup has ended for Pakistan but it must be said that the overall performance of the team was much better than expected and Shahid Afridi rallied his troops brilliantly to take the team to the semi-finals and fought every match to the best of their ability. This is what cricket and other games are all about. We lost to a better team and there is nothing to be ashamed about. We must welcome back our team with smiles and open hearts and encourage them to do better in the events that will come later. What has been proved by Pakistan in the mega event is that Pakistan can no longer be ignored by the cricketing world and important teams should start playing again in this great cricketing nation. The cricketers have proved that they are the best and now it is time for the politicians and the administrators to get their act together and provide a secure and conducive environment for world cricketers to come and play in Pakistan. This may be more difficult in these trying times than winning a World Cup.

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