Ignorance and impudence - Dr A Q Khan - Monday, May 02, 2011

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Once in a while you see something interesting or amusing on TV. Usually it is about playful and intelligent animals and birds. Just the other day something like this caught my eye. A cat was walking in a garden near a hedge. A large bird, probably a magpie, started pecking at its tail. As soon as the cat turned around, the bird would fly away a short distance and then repeat the same thing all over again. At one point, while the magpie pecked at its tail, it turned and, quick as lightning, caught the bird in midair. Within seconds the bird was dead.

This reminds you of the mischievous behaviour of our rulers regarding the orders of the Supreme Court. On one pretext or another, Prime Minister Gilani and his cronies are ignoring the Supreme Court’s orders and, so to speak, teasing the court. One day the Supreme Court will be compelled to give them what they deserve – a lifelong ban on holding any public office.

The party accused of rigging elections and facing charges of corruption and misappropriation of hundreds of millions of dollars is now trying to become a “martyr.” Never before in the 63 years of our history have there been such incompetent, incapable, hypocritical rulers. Without shame or remorse they reneged on solemn promises, telling blatant lies. The rulers create new controversies to divert attention from existing ones. The latest action is the reopening of the case of Mr Bhutto after 32 years. Benazir’s case has been put on a backburner and those of Murtaza Bhutto and Shahnawaz Bhutto are never even talked about.

All the important orders of the Supreme Court have been ignored and discarded. Criminals have been put at responsible, high posts in total violation of existing rules. I am afraid these “clever and cunning” rulers will soon face the same fate as the crow and the magpie. It is our misfortune, and the rulers’ good fortune, that they are not facing the likes of Justice M R Kyani or Justice Shabbir. Those judges would have been able to put everyone in place with a single stroke of their pens and ban them from holding public office for life.

You must have read in Jang, The News and other papers about the comprehensive report on all the judgements of the Supreme Court that have not been heeded by the prime minister, although the government cries itself hoarse saying, “We respect the judgements of the Supreme Court. We will implement all of them.” I really wonder at the claim of the prime minister of being a Syedzada and descendant of Ghaus-e-Azam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, when I see the disparity between his utterances and his actions.

One should never forget Allah’s edict that munafiqin (hypocrites) will be severely punished. After seeing the actions of our rulers, one cannot help but wonder whether they ever read the Quran (with translation) to learn what awaits them if they continue on this path.

The mischief of discarding the orders of the Supreme Court was in full swing when some “wise guys” managed to convince the rulers to devolve the Higher Education Commission. The cruel joke is that the responsibilities of the HEC would then be transferred to the provinces which are incapable of even running primary schools efficiently. Thousands of dilapidated buildings and “ghost schools” are lying vacant under the very noses of the provincial education secretaries and ministers.

The HEC has been victimised for initiating the verification of the forged and fake degrees of our honourable elected representatives. The rulers would like to kill two birds with one stone – destroy the HEC and allow the provinces to loot the funds and appoint hundreds of stooges at lucrative posts. They are applying “ignorance” over “education” and will soon have to face the consequences.

Another mischievous action currently being undertaken by the government is the harassment and shutting down of Geo Super, all the while claiming that the media is free and that no inappropriate action is underway. All attempts are being made to financially cripple the Jang Group. Geo, Geo Super, The News and Jang are very popular sources of information and read the world over. I still remember how Mir Khalilur Rahman was subjected to pressures, blackmail, withholding of advertisements and financial inducements, but Mir Sahab stood like a rock and faced all the mischief, never compromising on principles.

The same tactics are being tried on Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman. People forget that a tiger fathers a tiger and a jackal fathers a jackal. The present government has crossed all boundaries of decency in trying to break Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, but they forget that a proud head cannot be bowed before wrongdoers.

Let me point out here that, in all nations, at various times, the Almighty chose one or more people from their population who are righteous, honest, capable and just. They serve the people, they promote harmony, love and affection, and this brings about peace and prosperity in the country. However, if the people go astray and indulge in mischief, corruption and nepotism, they face the curse of Allah Almighty, and are replaced by others who are better in their deeds. The power to rule is bestowed by Allah and He gives it to whomever He pleases. When rulers are caring and look after the comfort and needs of the public, they earn the blessing of Allah and the public prays for their well-being. Hazrat Ali (KW) said that a kingdom run by non-believers could survive, but one run by tyrants is doomed.

There is a Hadith saying that when Hazrat Yusuf (AS) lay dying, he expressed the desire to be buried next to his ancestor, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). When his body was taken there, the angel Jibreel (AS) appeared and prohibited his burial, there saying that, since Hazrat Yusuf (AS) had also served as a ruler, he would be answerable for his deeds on the Day of Judgement. Hence, he could not be buried next to Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). This is a warning to our rulers that they too will be held responsible for all their deeds on the Day of Judgement. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that people with authority (rulers, officers, etc.) of all eras will be gathered on the Day of Judgement, their hands tied to their necks and they will be judged according to their deeds. Only those who are honest, just and pious will be allowed to enter Paradise with their hands untied, while the others will be thrown into hell with their hands still tied.

Oh, rulers! The Almighty has clearly and unambiguously warned you to follow the right path. Wo why don’t you pay heed? Do you want to be punished like the earlier wrongdoers and become an example for posterity?

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