Complete Text of Osama Bin Laden Final Will in Kuwaiti Newspaper alanba

    In the name of God the Merciful
    Will the poor to the Lord Almighty Osama bin Muhammad bin Laden
    Praise be to God, prayer and peace upon the Messenger of God and his family and companions, forgiveness and Nsthdi and seek refuge with him from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our work is guided by Allah will not be misled and misled is no guide to him: "There is no God except Allah, alone without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger, we hope the Almighty God to embrace us in the martyrs and the righteous of His servants and Imitna Muslims.
    Commands of Allah Almighty, if he one of us death will be left to parents and relatives, and the general Muslims are in a time like the ill-fated parents and relatives, what hurts hurts themselves will bring them in myself and what saddens me and God is my witness.
    God is my witness that the love of Jihad and death for the sake of God to reign over my life and verses of the sword penetrated in every cell of my heart (and fight all the infidels fight against you all), how many times I wake up from my sleep I find myself read this verse. Imagine if every Muslim to ask himself, why did our nation to what it of-hwan and refraction of the answer was obvious they rumination on the pleasures of this world and renounced the Book of Allah behind their backs, the only one in which the cured and the Flahaa in immediate and deferred, I've Ograna Jews and Christians pleasures this world and the pleasures of cheap and invaded their values ​​physical before the armies conquered, such as women and we do not lift a finger, because the love of death difference in the way of Allah hearts.
    The notch in the hearts of myself and my brothers the Mujahideen in our nation that we have seen all over the world watches America mete vulnerable men, women and children suffering poor and the nation watched the bloody scene is like watching a film for entertainment. The malady in the scourge of our nation is the fear of death for the sake of God, I've been reversed and we saw the Crusaders cowards and Jews lowly stand fast in our fight and soldiers of our nation raise the white flag and surrender to their enemies, even students of religion (ie the Taliban) did not hold them only a few, the rest Vastzlmwa or fled before the meeting the enemy, and today I stayed the nation for our victory and the support of the loyal students of religion who established the first Islamic state in Afghanistan, applied the law of God, and sufficient evidence of malice that America's students of religion and fundamental laws. It is in collusion with their clients in the Northern Alliance and other governments, who recruited their intelligence in the service of the United States, Britain and the infidel West, abolished the statutes enacted by the Government of the students and removed the veil of religion and relaxation habits beards and returned to imitate the infidels. The nation its scientists who Ihdunha either way, and Altna today is that the nation's scientists disguised to its mission of guiding the nation, has reached a degree of misguidance and misled not believe a Muslim, he came to Afghanistan to repel the scientists about smashing idols, Buddhist scholars but students of religion hearing the Distinguished frustrated. The sheikh and his companions argument is the need to please the Jews and the Christians and the overall opinion, and forgetting the words of God Almighty: (will not be satisfied with you the Jews nor the Christians until you follow their religion).
    These scientists have betrayed their mission in the service of the nation, issues and LuaLua enemies and returned by the mujahid vanguard inflicted the first defeat of America in its history, God willing, will be led by Muta Cgzop the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, which led to the demise of their state.
    Pause New York and Washington third strike strikes escalating received by the United States placed in the bombing of Marines in Lebanon and the second was the bombing of the Embassy of the United States in Nairobi, from which the U.S. invasion of Somalia, where the killing of our brothers 31 thousand under the banner of the United Nations, despite the setback Aptlana by God Almighty will lead this signed to the demise of America and the infidel West, even after decades.
    Via the nation's youth: Strive to death of dedicating your life and listened to a few scholars who maintain Balhaquemep and Braa, loyalty, and hostile to those loyal to the nation's enemies who have taken the ideas of human status, customs and quirks of the United ignorance such as borrowing from banks, usury laws and crimes and transactions, insurance secularism and allowing the establishment of political parties, trade unions and women's associations and human and all innovations are rejected according to the consensus scientists predecessor and successor.
    O scholars of Islam: you are today few know you by name and you read your statements and Vtawakm sincere, but I do not want you; name so as not to submit to the enemies of God are looking for an excuse to crack you in these difficult days for us.
    O women: Beware of wanton display and the tradition of the West and Mstrgelath prostitutes, they were to graduate school and men striving for the sake of God, and on keeping Charfkn Let the mothers of the believers, but in a good example.
    Mandate wives: me, may Allah reward you. Have ye after me, God is better and the good support given from the first day ye knew the way that the brambles and planted mines. Trkin Naim Achtertn beside me and family hardship. Ye Zahidat in life with me Vazddn the ascetic me, not to marry Tvkrn Hspkin care of our children and to sacrifice and pray for good to them. But you, my children: Forgive me because I did not Oattkm little of my time since I responded to the need of jihad. We are Muslims and they took their cases. I have chosen a path fraught with dangers and suffered the hardships and drawbacks and the treachery and treason and treason was not the case today is not the case and fate is fate. I advise you to fear Allah, the most precious increased in this life, and I advise you not to work at the base and the front similar to those recommended by the caliph Omar bin al-Khattab his son Abdullah, may Allah be pleased with them. It forbade him from taking the Caliphate «The good were we lost him and that was only evil all the speech is being torn from Omar».
    My advice to all the recent visit to the mujahideen wherever they are: They've recovered your breath and forget until the fight the Jews and the Crusaders and started to purge your ranks of customers and defeatists, scientists, retirees bad about Jihad and Almkzlin of the nation.
    Your brother Abu Abdullah Osama bin Muhammad bin Laden.
    Friday, 28 Ramadan 1422 corresponding to on 14/12/2001.
    Analysis of the commandment
    This is a commandment and an extremely important document as pointing to a way of thinking and the work of bin Laden in difficult circumstances, and the recorded history 28 Ramadan 1422 corresponding to 14/12/2001 corresponds to what he believes experts last a firm date for the survival of bin Laden was alive, and read the will and content highlights more of a question mark:
    First: It is certain that this commandment written during the pressure exercised by U.S. forces on the battlefield, poetry with bin Laden that for it had approached, and remembers the observers and analysts that the date on which appended by the commandment refers to the period that missed the bin Laden for the hearing and consideration, and kept everyone refers to the possibility of his death, but that Pakistani Prime Minister Pervez Musharraf has said publicly that bin Laden had died, based on the information available that has the U.S. bombing of the area where bin Laden had hit him in the killing. Even now, bin Laden did not appear clearly and explicitly indicating that he was alive, in spite of the latest video that was distributed with his voice and that does not include any information documented in terms of the timing of the event or cited as a public issue, but was a call to jihad can be any letter from him in a crowd or gathering, or during lectures between members of al Qaeda.
    II: indicates bin Laden to the «treachery and treason» in more than one site like expected «betrayed and treacherously» of those around him, and which confirms this impression also said in another section, he spoke bitterly about what happened after the attack the U.S. when he said: Even students of religion (eg Taliban) did not hold them only a few, the rest Vastzlmwa or fled before meeting the enemy.
    Mr Bin Laden once again on the issue of treason in the development of more accurate when he said: «I have chosen a path fraught with dangers and suffered for the sake of the hardships and drawbacks and the treachery and treason, but not treason was the case today is not the case and fate is fate».
    Third: his wives, did not mention the number of women did not respect one of them to something special, especially Okdmhn, did not mention of them stayed with him or Trkinh and Aden to his country or to anywhere else, all in the command that he had asked them not to marry after him.
    IV: did not specify the number of children nor of them stayed with him, whether they are accompanied by or in a safe place, and the protection and ensures the safety and comfort.
    Remarkably, in relation to his children, he urged them not to work at the base «global front to fight the Jews and the Christians», which was founded to join the organization of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad led by Ayman al-Zawahiri, and in view of the directory in which the leg Umar ibn al-Khattab is clear that he suffered from the «base» more than they benefited to this emphasis on the children away from them.
    Fifth: The recommendation of bin Laden to his followers, who address them in the will, saying «to all the Mujahideen .. Do that in the event of his death, of course Btanase fight the Jews and the Crusaders in a while, and leave to purge their ranks of customers and defeatists and bad scientists retired from jihad and Almkzlin of the nation ». Apart from the fact that this recommendation means the arrest of «global jihad» and leave to re-arrange and purification of the rows, it emphasizes once again the importance of what was talked about bin Laden on the «treachery and treason» to the degree that makes it a priority as recommended by his men, in the event of his death, leave to purge rows, and if so request to forget or stop «Global Jihad» in a while, though it can be interpreted as laying the base for the new cells in other parts of the world outside Afghanistan, as confirmed by some experts.
    VI: did not mention any of his friends or those close to him such as: Mullah Omar and Ayman al-Zawahiri and Saif al-Adel and Abu Hafs and others, and that's something remarkably as if the commandment written away from them.

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