Editorial : A class act - Sunday 24th April 2011

THE curtain has fallen on a brilliant showbiz career. With the death of veteran actor Moin Akhtar in Karachi on Friday, a key chapter in Pakistan’s entertainment history has come to a close. Though it is common to remember the departed with superlatives, Moin Akhtar was no doubt an iconic performer, his razor-sharp wit and comedic genius having few parallels in the industry. Perhaps his versatility was the key to his success, as the late actor had a diverse portfolio, having worked in television, film as well as on stage. Active since the 1960s, it was in the ’80s that Moin Akhtar’s graph really shot up, with outstanding performances in TV skits as well as stage productions. His unbeatable combination with writer Anwar Maqsood produced some truly memorable moments, with the late actor hilariously mimicking the high and the mighty as well as characters from everyday life.
His popularity crossed socio-economic boundaries while it also bridged the generational divide. The actor also mimicked a host of different ethnicities without offending anyone. Possibly that is what set Moin Akhtar apart from other comic actors: his comedy was classy and he made people laugh without resorting to ribaldry.
In an atmosphere where there is so much bad news Moin Akhtar offered side-splitting respite from an all-enveloping negativity. His appearance on the screen or on stage was enough to put a smile on people’s faces. His intelligent, deadpan one-liners and witty mannerisms would have audiences in stitches, as he managed to say so much between the lines, aided by his impish gestures. His death is the nation’s loss and it is fair to say that Moin Akhtar will be an irreplaceable talent. It seems as if he left too soon, but he leaves behind countless admirers who will cherish his art. May he rest in peace.

Source : http://www.dawn.com/2011/04/24/a-class-act.html

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