The men in blue have performed well against the Kangaroos and India is all set to clash with Pakistan in one of the most eagerly awaited world cup semi final matches in 2011 on 30th March. Pakistan has never beaten India in World cup and with the strong performances of the men in blue especially that of Yuvraj, India is all set for the battle at Mohali. What more does a cricket fan want than this exciting occasion?
Will India be able to win this battle or will they register their first defeat against Pakistan in World cup? Who will win the India Vs Pakistan Semi Final World cup 2011 encounter? Our Vedic Astrologers has analyzed the situation and here are the astrological details for the India Vs Pakistan Semi Final World cup 2011.
The details are based on the Date & Time of the Match, Shahid Afridi's Natal Chart & Dhoni’s Natal Chart:
M. S Dhoni is in the major period of Rahu and in the minor period of Saturn. Both the major and minor lords are along with Venus & Jupiter respectively. Moreover, Moon is in between both Rahu and Saturn in his Birth chart and it will help Dhoni to take up perfect decisions. Rahu is also under the influence of Saturn in the second house. Ketu is in the 8th house and this is an added advantage for Dhoni. The planetary positions are also indicating that the unexpected happenings will also be favorable for Dhoni.
Shahid Afridi is in the major period of Jupiter in the minor period of Rahu. So Jupiter is in its own sign Pisces and is in the transit which is the advantage for Afridi. Rahu is in the 8th house and is not favorable for him. This indicates that he may take some hasty decisions either in choosing the bowler or while choosing the team. But the sign lord of Rahu is Mars, who is in exalted manner in his Birth Chart and is favoring Afridi.
Overall, the India Vs Pakistan Semi Final will be a very tight match and the winner will be decided in the death overs. Even the win will be in a small margin. However, chances are seen for Dhoni and company to win the match.
Based on the Prasna Chart: - Prasna is also indicating that the match will be decided in the slog over’s and it will be a very tight match. It will be an edge of the seat thriller in which chances are bright for India.

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