Editorial - Bad timing - Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Source : http://thenews.com.pk/TodaysPrintDetail.aspx?ID=38882&Cat=8

Our interior minister, Mr Rehman Malik, certainly has a gift for unfortunate timing. His remarks about the involvement of bookies in the World Cup and advice to the players to focus only on the game, has naturally angered the players – and many others – given the insinuation that Pakistanis could be involved in match-fixing. This is unthinkable given that, at the present moment, we are playing a crucial game against India in which pride, prestige and national honour are all at stake. No Pakistani would think of giving this away. Mr Malik’s distasteful comments hit below the belt and in any case serve no useful purpose. The interior minister has also suggested that the players refrain from talking about ‘irrelevant issues’. He should avoid doing the same himself and focus on the mammoth tasks that confront him in a country where law and order is slipping by the day.

The Pakistan team has the support of almost everyone in the country. But we should also retain an element of good sense and remember that this, after all, is a game, not war. ‘Elders’ such as Mr Malik – who describes himself in these terms – should focus on sending out this message, rather than making controversial comments. In the sub-continent, betting is a fact of life. This is especially true in India. But now is not the time to bring up these issues or create misunderstandings on this count.

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