How to stop worrying and start solving a problem

Our brain is like many other internal parts of our body in the sense that it does not stop till one is alive. As hearts or lungs donot stop functioning, so is the case with brain.

But in one of many aspects it is different from other organs of body that you can have control of it and use it in a better way to make life easy. Your mind is a funtion of brain. So it is always busy in thinking or feeling or is ready to do some action. If it is not positively used, it will start working by itself. An example of this sort of functionality is our Dreams. When we are sleeping mind does not cease working. It works on its own. This is why commonly we see ourselves in a situation and without any logical relation the other moment, we are in another place or situation. This is what we may call scattered mind. Even most of our life, when we are not sleeping, the same sort of functionality goes on in the mind. It takes your thoughts from one person, place or situation to another. At a moment we are thining about some friend, while the other moment we are worried about future. This is what makes life miserable. As life is a battle which is full of small and large battles, and the commander in chief during all these battles is this mind of ours. So if the commander of the forces is not well equipped and disciplined, we need the helping hand of miraclulous luck to avoid disaster.

Another aspect of our mind is that it does not think only, it also associates some emotions with all thought. If you love to watch movies, or read books, your mind will create different emotions between the whole series of events that unfold themselves during the movie or the book. In this article I will discuss only one emotion and that is worry. When you face a difficult situation or a challenge in life, you can respond to it in two different ways. One is the optimistic spirit of a fighter and second is that of a person who starts lamenting and crying and does not think about solving that problem. If I am master of my mind, I will face the situation and will devise ways to come out of that situation. If I am a slave of this mind, I will just worry and will feel dejected.

Here are some techniques that one should learn to solve problems and get rid of tough situations.

1. When you are preoccupied and worried about a problem, pick up a piece of a paper and write down the date at the top

2. Write down a few lines about what you did and what you felt that day.

3. Write down about the problem that you are worrying about. This is the problem about which you want to dream that night and want your mind to offer a solution in your dream. Limit it to one paragraph which addresses the following questions: What do you see as the causes of the problem? What are the solutions that you recognize won't work? What are you feeling about the problem as you write about it? For example, are you anxious, angry, sad, etc.?

4. Write down a clear, one-line phrase that states what solution/answer you are looking for. Examples: How can I make an extra thousand dollars in next two months? How can I get my message across without upsetting my spouse? What is keeping me from moving up the ladder in my organization? How can I get my team to raise their productivity?

5. After you have written down this one-line "vital question," turn off your bedroom light, and repeat the question over and over again as you fall asleep. This is quite a boring exercise and it will help you to sleep provided you don't start thinking of more problems and more questions. If your mind wanders, go back to your question and start repeating it again.

6. If you wake up in the middle of the night, repeat your question over and over again until you fall asleep. Generally, the most vivid and longest dreams occur in the seventh or eighth hour of sleep. When you wake up with a dream, chances are that you will intuitively know it has some sort of answer for your question. When you wake up, write down your dream.

7. If you haven't got the answer yet and you are still worried about the problem, repeat the steps from 1 to 6 six the next night you go to bed.

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